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In this smart, relevant, unputdownable psychological thriller, a woman cop is on
the hunt for a killer while battling violent secrets of her own.

Praise for You Can Go Home Now

"Surprenant, saisissant, féministe, ambigu, parfait. "  —Jeremy Noé, La Marseillaise  

"Surprising, knowing, feminist, ambiguous, perfect."  Jeremy Noe, La Marseillaise  

“Mr. Elias balances his many subplots with notable grace, and this fine book's melodrama is laced with humor and poignancy." The Wall Street Journal


You Can Go Home Now is a narrative with muscle, focusing on abuse, humiliation, retribution, revenge. For those of us who love thrillers, who love voice, atmosphere, psychological wrestling matches, Elias delivers. His novel is engaging, calculating, to the point. As might be expected by an author with Elias’s impressive résumé, You Can Go Home Now is masterfully plotted, astutely conceived.” Los Angeles Review of Books

“In a rousing climax, Elias (The Last Conquistador, 2013) deftly ties together the plot threads of Nina's personal quest and her current assignment. A compulsively readable thriller that could take Elias to another level of acclaim.” Booklist, starred review

“A smart, and very relevant, mystery by a prolific writer of stage and screen, Michael Elias’s You Can Go Home Now will take you on an intense rollercoaster ride alongside Detective Nina Karim, a homicide investigator in Queens, New York.” —The Nerd Daily  


You Can Go Home Now is a timely meditation on justice and retribution that will long stay in the memory, in no small part due to its moral complexity.” —Criminal Element


Michael Elias's You Can Go Home Now is a crowning achievement among vigilante novels.”
—Gumshoe Review 


“Elias does a good job of conveying a painful reality. This is for anyone who doesn’t mind their heroes acting in the gray areas to see justice done.” —Publishers Weekly


“Michael Elias’ You Can Go Home Now is an absorbing read.” —Woman About Town

“This is a thought-provoking novel that stands out in the genre with characters that will last long after the book is finished.” —Parkersburg News & Sentinel


“If revenge is a dish best served cold, then Michael Elias’s You Can Go Home Now is indeed the perfect summer treat.” —Speaking of Mysteries podcast


You Can Go Home Now is a bold and twisty thriller straight from the headlines. Bold, because Michael Elias takes on a dual challenge: to write convincingly in the voice of a deeply aggrieved female cop, and to put her literally in the crosshairs of the hot-button issues of abortion and domestic abuse. And twisty because his skilled storytelling takes you along the dark streets of revenge where surprises lurk in every doorway. An unputdownable pleasure for the literary mystery lover.” —April Smith, author of the FBI Special Agent Ana Grey mystery/thrillers 


“I am still reeling after finishing Michael Elias’s You Can Go Home Now. The surprises, the descriptions, the characters, the unexpected events, the ending—wow! It’s on a par with the thriller classics The Girl on the Train, The Woman in the Window, and Gone Girl.”

—Iris Rainer Dart, author of Beaches

“Elias is so conversant with the mindset of criminals, cops, and trigger-pullers, it makes me wonder about his personal life. This is a compelling thriller that has the rarest of qualities: “What’s going to happen next?” —Steve Martin, New York Times bestselling author of Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life and An Object of Beauty

"Michael Elias writes women like a woman, and he writes a police thriller like a former cop. You Can Go Home Now will keep you up at night, breathlessly turning the pages until the riveting end. I couldn’t put this book down! Elias has masterfully written a moving and terrifying story that feels so potent and current, I can’t believe something like this hasn’t shown up in the news yet. " —Jessica Anya Blau, author of Mary Jane

"You Can Go Home Now by Michael Elias is a thrilling examination into the power of revenge. I had several gasp-out-loud moments while reading.  Fascinating characters and a deep dive into the gruesomeness of domestic violence infuse this page-turner throughout and there's a twist at the end you'll never see coming!" —Ellen LaCorte, author of The Perfect Fraud

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